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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 24, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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23 million americans now under the threat of major flooding. patricia has been downgraded to a tropical depression. waterlogged from days of rain. floodwaters washed out train tracks and derailed this freight train south of dallas. the rising waters have also been stranded. i'm joined on the phone.
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it had been washed away or toppled over in train tracks that were submerged. what is your best understanding of what happened, jeff. >> well, as our crews were headed south on the track, our conductor saw the water start to accumulate over the track in that area. he immediately put the train into an emergency stop. once the train did come to a full stop, this he were in the water and they noticed it was starting to rise. apparently, this was a flash flood area. there was a creek that was overflowing. fortunately, the conductor and the engineer were able to get out of the locomotives and swim through the water to some higher ground where they were picked up by the know var roe county water rescue team. >> the conductors got out. they swam on there own and got to higher ground.
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it is not like they had to be rescued? >> correct. they waited for the team to get to them. >> tell me about the targ go this train was carrying. my understanding is it was cement. is that the case? >> yes. this is what we call a unit train, 64 cars all hauling cement. >> what about diesel fuel from the trains and locomotives? is that, indeed, seeping into the water there? >> that is certainly something we are concerned about in keeping an eye on. we have our environmental contractors nearby that are working to lay out some protective boon through the area to make sure if there are any leaks that we will be able to collect it and protect the waterways. >> jeff, what's your understanding as to the dynamics
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of making a decision to keep the trains on the track knowing that the storm was making its way in as you try to assess what happened. how much do you reflect on perhaps how it could have been prevented, whether it was a wise decision to have this train on the tracks in the first place. >> certainly, this is a storm event that union pacific has been monitoring for the last couple of days in advance of all of this. over the last 24 hours, we have deployed our track inspectors in the areas he with thought would be impacted, cl you go this area, and we had inspectors that actually traveled this track just a couple of hours before this train went through there. at that time, it was impassable. in this particular area, it seemed to be some flash flood event that overflowed the creek and took out the section of track. >> jeff degraph, thank you so much for your input from union pacific. appreciate it. >> ed lavendara is also in that
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region. he had been traveling a good amount of time trying to get to that train derailment scene. etd, you are there now in front of a camera. describe what you are seeing and what are you learning? >> fredricka, we have made our way. you can see the train here in the background. that is the front end of the train of the two cars that derailed and toppled over by the floodwaters. we are about a care ter mile off of interstate 45. this is as close as we could get. we've managed to make our way down a muddy dirt road until you can't walk any further. just covered with with water here for the next 300 yards before we get to what's left of the train there. you can see how the yellow car toppled over. you can see the long lines. they say it was 62 or 64 cars long. it comes back this way toward
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the north. it starts going behind the tree lines or behind that broom. we do know the u.p. official mentioned there were teams out here. we do see a nm of officials that are walking up and down the rail line. they are kind of tucked behind sop of the cars. i have seen five or six different people here since we arrived a short while ago. we can also tell you that this is the water. it was rushing from the other side of that train line back over this way. we have seen that on the other side of interstate 45, that that creek that the water has come out of its banks has been rushing with an incredible amount of intensity. we saw that on the other side of the interstate where the water is now rushing and flowing extremely heavily. you can imagine what kind of force the water had here a short
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while ago to make this incredibly heavy train come off the track. fredricka. >> a couple things, ed. you talked about how you are off i-45 and able to get to that location but you are still a distance from the train. you sio figureses there who are responding to it. what's your best understanding as to how they will be able to get this train back on the track or haul it out? what is the next plan? >> that's hard to say. where i am standing here now, zoom out a little bit here. this is a dirt road that would lead you directly pretty close to that rail line right over there. right now, it is completely under water. we do know. i know that there was a car, one of those -- a truck that's outfitted to be able to drive along the train track. i i saw one of those trucks coming up from the south toward
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the end of this train. i am not sure what the layout of the other roadways around here that would allow crews to get as close as possible and do the work that they need to do to clean up this situation. so i think that's what's being assessed now. in fact, the teams that had gotten here, they have had to make their way back over this way. this is a big, open, cow pasture here. they have had to walk their way around the water here and come back at the train from this tree line over here. really, no quick way to access it as far as i can tell right now. there have been some vehicles on that rail line already here this morning. the vehicles that are on there don't seem like they are capable in any way of doing the heavy lifting that's needed to clean up this situation. clearly, that's vehicles that are being used to assess what is going on. right now, the officials that we have seen out here really having to access that situation and
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that scene by foot at this point. >> and you showed us that that is a cow pasture. this is, in large part, farmland area. what about that body of water? where does that originate before this flash flood? >> reporter: this is all the flash flooding here. this is runoff from the creek that has come out of its banks. this is clearly not supposed to be here at this point. all of this was pointing back toward the west and going from west to east. it has gone down considerably. there is a strong channel of water that is making its way back out toward the left of the screen here. that is the force of the water that knocked the train off its rails. >> wow, that's incredible. ed lavandera, thank you you so much. right behind ed there is the
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train. 64-car train from that flash flooding just simply inundated the tracks. let's get more now on what is next for this storm and what is next for the people there in texas who continue to feel the remnants of what was a very powerful hurricane patricia and now tropical depression. jennifer grey? >> that's right, fred. now, a tropical depression. this storm intensified rapidly and it has also weakened rapidly, which is good news. we want this storm to weaken as fast as it can. it was a powerful category 5 storm at landfall. 165-mile-per-hour winds. the strongest winds ever recorded within a hurricane in the western hemisphere. we have yet to see pictures from the towns right where that eye crossed over. hurricane winds only extended about 35 miles from the center. the category 5 winds only a couple of miles from the center. we will see pictures out of
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there within the next couple of hours. with that said, the storm is weakening we are going to see a lot from this storm. because of the mountains and wind shear, it is shredding to pieces. tropical depression will be its last advisory coming up in the next couple of hours. all of that rainfall, the flooding, the flash flooding, we have seen incredible rainfall totals so far. we are still in the middle of this. more rain is to come. we could see an additional 6-10 inches in places around dallas on top of what we've already seen and a lot of these areas around corsicana have seen rainfall totals more than 10 inches. the highest rainfall total we have seen so far, palo, texas. 20 inches of rain. i can't stress to you enough how dangerous this situation is.
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the flash flooding, the water can come up in an instant. >> it is hard to believe when ed was describing that. that was a creek. as a result of a flash flood, you saw that amount of water and then bh you talk about the when the 10 inches, people can jupd stan the gravity of it all. jennifer grey, thanks so much. we will check back with you. appreciate it. >> coming up, donald trump, speaking live in less than an hour after a new poll shows that he is now trailing ben carson in iowa for the first time. all three remaining democratic candidates will be rallying support at a major fund-raiser tonight. why this event is making history. >>mine hurt more.. >>mine stopped hurting faster! neosporin plus pain relief starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria neosporin plus pain relief kills the germs. fights the pain. use with band-aid brand.
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results of two iowa polls that show him slipping to second place behind ben carson. we have a breaking story. donald trump has fallin to second place behind ben carson. we informed ben but he was sleeping. >> oh, boy. here is the news, i guess. trump is in second place for the first time in two key iowa polls since joining the race back in june. carson is leading with 28% of republican voters. you see it right there. we are in jacksonville, florida, where donald trump is set to speak at that rally there for him within the next hour. what's happening there? what's the tone as a result of these two iowa polls? >> reporter: well, fredricka, there is a sizeable crowd gathered here waiting eagerly to hear and see donald trump.
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i'm going to move out of the way so you can see how many people have gathered here. some of these people were lined up since early this morning. we saw some of them running toward the front of the stage to make sure they had the best spot possible. we are not just talking about republicans here. i spoke to a woman who is from jacksonville. she is a registered democrat. she is still on the fence about who she is going to support. she decided to many could out here and listen before making her decision. even though trump is still lead nth nation inning in the national polls. he is starting to trail behind ben carson. he addressed that. here is what he had to say. >> so what happens is the poll comes out, right? the press was so happy. headlines. just so you understand, if i was in first place, it wouldn't even be discussed. nobody would mention it.
8:17 am
here it is all day long, oh, my head, i have turned on the television. headline, bigger than hillary's talk yesterday on benghazi. here is the headline. the biggest story. you see it. am i right? trump falls to second place in iowa. i said, no way. >> we did see donald trump start to go after ben carson during last night's rally. it will be interesting to see if he ramps up those attacks during this rally here today. it is also worth noting that his rally last night was interrupted three times on three different occasions by protesters. they were immediately confronted by several trump supporters who started shouting. several started booing. they started chanting, usa.
8:18 am
those protesters were escorted out and we are told no arrests were made. fredricka, it still remains to be seen if there are any protesters at this event. >> alina machada, keep us posted when any activity there does happen. let's talk iowa tonight. keith harry is kicking off a big night for hillary clinton. ♪ holding a rally before the jefferson jackson dinner where she will be joined by bernie sanders and martin o'malley since chafefy dropped out of the race. in front of key party activists, they will make their case. in 2007, it was seen as a big moment for then senator barack obama, giving him the momentum he needed to outshine clinton
8:19 am
and edwards in the caucus. let's turn to mark edwards in washington. how much pressure is there to perform well at the dinner tonight for any of the candidates. >> no question. not only for hillary clinton, who seems to have the wind at her back, but bernie sanders, who is trying to push his whole idea of this income inequality and the fact that there needs to be a political revolution and, of course, you have martin o'malley who really needs a big night tonight in order to stay in the race. if you are looking at the race right now, fred, it really is between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sanders has been drawing large crowds for the past several months all across the country. he has acknowledged it is critical for his campaign to be successful for him to win in iowa. he said as much last night in davenport, iowa. >> if we win here in iowa, and i
8:20 am
think we have got a good chance to do it, and if we win in new hampshire, and i think we have a good chance to do that, we have a road to victory. >> now, what bernie sanders is facing, though, is that hillary clinton nationally is leading in the polls. she is leading in the polls in iowa. however, they are trading back and forth in the key state of new hampshire. depending on what poll you look at. bernie sanders doesn't seem to have the organization in place that hillary clinton does. he is doing very well fundraising. >> clinton has had one heck of a week. she is on top with the polling. if you look at today's washington post, it is david axlerod who says, she is particularly great when her back is against the wall. sometimes they might potentially
8:21 am
become too complacent when everything seems to be going in her favor. is there still that pressure on her this evening not to feel like she had this after her performance during the testimony to feel like she is an underdog, eve tho even though she is not? >> hillary clinton has to take bernie sanders seriously. he has excitement and energy and gets thousands to show up at has rallies. if you are a supporter of the clinton campaign and had doubts about whether she was in it to win it, this past week was a good week for her. not only did she do well in the debate and not only did joe biden decide to take a pass in running for president. many feel he did so because hillary clinton did well in the debate but she did face 11 hours of accusation during that house committee.
8:22 am
she did well. in many ways, she can go in in a victory lap and try to build on the momentum. it will be up to bernie sanders to offer a different and tell them that he is best choice for 2016. >> that dinner has a history of turning points taking place. we'll see how it goes. mark, thank you so much. >> tomorrow, jake tapper talks to donald trump, marco rubio and bernie sanders on the state of the union at 9:00 a.m. and noon eastern. we'll be right back.
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the remains of master sergeant joshua wheeler returned to the u.s. he is the first american to die in combat on iraqi soil since 2011. he was killed while a special operations team rescued about 70 hostages from an isis controlled prison. defense secretary, ash carter, told reporters that we should expect to see more missions like this. >> we'll do more raids. remember, we did,if you remember, the raid that took down abu sayyaf, we have this capability. it is a great-american strength. it doesn't represent us assuming a combat role. it represents a continuation of our advise and assist mission. >> let's bring in joe wilson, the former deputy ambassador to
8:27 am
iraq. ambassador wilson, good to see y you. >> so defense secretary ash carter says it is likely that we are going to see more raids like this one in iraq. what are the dynamics in your view that have changed. >> i am not sure that the dynamics have changed except to the extent to which the iraqis are now prepared to counter attack in a meaningful way. the iraqis and their allies, the kurds, in this battle. i think the u.s. is providing a support role. it strikes me as i look at this that what happened was the iraqi troops got in some difficulty and the u.s. military reacted by putting people on the ground. i'm not surprised at that. the rules of engagement permit that. i hope that it doesn't prestage a ground rule for u.s. troops.
8:28 am
i just don't see the up side of that. i do think we should be trying to kill as many of these isis troops as we can. i don't think it needs to be our soldiers on the ground doing it. >> even in a supportive role as we understand, according to ash carter, that's how it happened. the only reason why u.s. forces did eventually engage. it is because they were fired upon. ordinarily, they would be there to escort the rocky troops. ash carter says that what's very important here is intelligence, documents, computers is gathered from raids like this. so how do you see that this intelligence is potentially revealing in terms of how or where isis is operating in iraq. >> presumably, the intelligence they are able to gather gives them some sense of the order of battle in command and control.
8:29 am
stations and sort of rank and file of the troops and their commander's. so that should give them locations and a better understanding of their methodology, their communication strategies and their battlefield tactics and strategies. so all that is good if you are planning a counter attack, you are trying to outflank them or defeat them. so that is helpful for us. it is helpful for the iraqis. other troops that are fighting against them. >> we see how u.s. military plays a role there, continues to in iraq. how does diplomacy play a role or what's the evolving way in which diplomacy will play a role in stabilizing iraq. >> i think the bigger part of what we can do is to try and use our good offices to forge a coalition of the willing to actually put forces on the ground to go after isis.
8:30 am
there are a number of competing agendas at play, which don't seem to be very common right now. so you've got the turks who have an agenda. you have the saudis with a different agenda and how do we marry those up in such a way that focuses the attention on the threat to their countries that isis poses. that is, i think, a very difficult diplomatic task but one with y one we should be putting our shoulder to. we should be using our funds and military ability to support the refugee camps and communities that have grown up on the borders of the area that's in turmoil right now. you can see already the ex toent which refugee outflows are impacting europe. you can see also the extent to which they are destabilizing countries like lebanon and potentially jordan and the one
8:31 am
thing you want to do is you want to shrink the zone of conflict rather than allow it to kind of grow through the mass displacement of civilians. >> let me ask you quickly about benghazi, libya, after this week and former secretary of state hillary clinton testifying for you, 11 hours. did you hear anything that will lead to new security measures or reinforcements at u.s. posts across the world, particularly at a very vulnerable time for any and all u.s. presence abroad. let me say, physical of all, i was very proud of a secretary of state and particularly secretary clinton coming to the defense of the mission of diplomacy and of our diplomates overseas. at the same time, i was absolutely mort phied to be a middle-aged white male by the abysmal ignorance shown by those members of congress and by the absolute disrespect and total rudeness with which they treated the former secretary.
8:32 am
i think the diplomacy is by definition a rather dangerous profession. there have been more ambassadors killed since the end of the second world war than flag officers or jerrells. that needs to be understood. what this committee has done has made it more difficult for a diplomate to do his job or her job, which is to go out into the community, get to know the people, understand their concerns, understand what drives their behavior and report that. you are not going to do that if your sense is that if something goes wrong, and things do go wrong in life. if something goes wrong, you are going to have some clown like trey gowdy calling the secretary of state and yelling at her. ambassador, joseph wilson, thanks so much. appreciate it. be sure to watch cnn monday
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a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. parts of texas submerged in floodwaters after patricia brought heavy rains to the already water-logged state. they derailed this freight train south of dallas. they have been stranding drivers, some of whom had to be rescued from their cars. 23 million americans are under the threat of a may skrjor floo event because of the remnants of that storm. i want to bring in gilbert rodriguez, photographer. how much flooding are you seeing, gilbert? >> it has been a crazy morning
8:37 am
today. i have been driving around town all morning long doing traffic cam shots. it has been steady rain nonstop. i have seen a lot while i was driving around, a lot of high water. a lot of barricades being put up around different low-lying areas here in san antonio. right now, i am sitting at the river, kind of close to the downtown area here in san antonio. water is starting to come over the banks. out here in the park area, starting to flood over. it is a constant rain. we are expecting a lot more later on in the afternoon and through the night. >> what is your understanding of what people are doing. going to high ground is not something custom mary for folks there in texas. we are looking at pictures where we are seeing some cars are submerged nearly to the roof tops. so what is the plan for many of the residents there?
8:38 am
>> well, all the emergency personal here in san antonio are asking youing people stay home if think can. people are still driving around. >> you said people are still driving around? >> well, you know, they need to get around wherever they need to. some will eventually see a car roll over off of i-35 just south of the downtown area san antonio. you know, people are still out and about trying to get to do whatever they need to do. more rain coming our way. >> they have to be careful because of the flash floods. that's why they are named that. they come in an instant and without warning and sd denl, you are caught in high water. be careful yourself. gilbert rodriguez, thank you so much. coming up, donald trump asking for help. he says he is not doing that
8:39 am
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welcome back, as donald trump down plays his slide to second place, jeb bush is on south carolina, a barrier island off charleston after announcing he is drastically cutting campaign spending. the candidates on the democratic side are down to three. all will be in iowa for the jefferson-jackson dinner. let's bring in nikki kantz and caylee mckennedy, a republican strategist. good to see you, ladies. this ladies hour that we have,
8:44 am
let's begin with this. donald trump says that he is not doing well with women in the polls. listen to what he said. so i'm leading on the economy, leading with men big-league. i am not doing as well with women. will you help me? what's going on. nobody respects women more than me. greatest person ever was my mother. believe me, the greatest. nobody is going to be better or do more for women than donald trump. that, i can tell you. >> so, caylee, what happened? you heard him. he is the one who said he cherishes women. >> well, some of those comments that he made, particularly the ones about carly fiorina, i think, hurt him with women. i would encourage people to step back and realize, this is donald trump being donald trump. the remarks he made about car lee fiorina are no different than other candidates in the race. donald trump, for better or worse, is an equal opportunity offender. the one thing i will say in his
8:45 am
favor. he doesn't treat women as a faction, as a base or a group that only cares with contraception and abortion. he treats them like everyday voters and talks to them about economy and national security. in the long run, that will help him. they are not a faction, just everyday voters like male voters. >> does the campaign or even he seem to recognize that? he just said, help me out. what's going on. it doesn't sound as though he has a clear understanding based on what caylee said. >> i don't think he has elevated women up to a faction of the voting population. he has tweeted things like, hillary can't be president. she didn't please bill clinton. that was an actual tweet from him. he said that women are only aesthetically pleasing in many of his books. he told his apprentice women to rely on sex appeal, not their minds. he doesn't see women as equals. he sees them as a fantastic, visual jek
8:46 am
visual jektified aid to his campaign. he realizes women are voters and carson is beating him in iowa. he has to treat them with respect and see them as equals beyond voters. >> let's talk about jeb bush, his campaign having struggles of a different kind. they are slashing payroll by 40%. here is what jeb bush said about those cuts. >> i've made an adjustment to harness the resources of our campaign, which are probably more than other campaigns. we are going to be all in. in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada and the sec primary states and that's where you are going to see the team and i am going to run with heart and i am going to run to win. >> he says he is going to run to win. is this a prelude to a big problem? >> the problem with jeb bush is that obviously he has raised more money than anybody else.
8:47 am
ted cruise coming in secretary where ted cruz has raised just as much in superpacs and individual letters. jeb bush has been raising big money. the problem is his burn rate. he is spending as much as anybody else and has as much cash as marco rubio, his biggest threat, a serious contender and our biggest obstacle for the general election. >> jeb bush says it is hard to raise money but he has the name, bush, that would seem believable for any of the other candidates and hard to believe from jeb bush. what's going on? >> in the end, what reare seeing is that the bush name is hurting him. it is so interesting. when you look at the polls, when jeb bush initially started this campaign, republican voters preferred someone with political experience. when donald trump entered the race, that changed and voters by 2-1 preferred an outsider over someone with political experience. we have seen that materialize in the polls.
8:48 am
we have seen jeb bush fall to fifth place in iowa, third place in new hampshire. we have seen carson, fiorina rise. it is really the age of the outsider. >> all right, caylee and mickey, thanks, appreciate it. tomorrow, jake tap pper tal to donald trump and marco rubio. that is at noon. we'll be right back. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly
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this is a very misunderstood country. for instance, did you know that christianity was in ethiopia like before europe? that it's not an arid desert. that it's in fact mostly green. that there's a construction boom going on here that rivals china and dubadubai. it's a country filled with great cooks.
8:53 am
great music. ethiopia is absolutely unique, little understood. we're looking to shed a little light. > all right. stunning accusations of strippers and prostitution being used to recruit players for one of the top basketball organizations in the country. the head coach has resigned from his job. he had been on administrative leave. cnn sports anchor andy sholes has more on this scandal tarnishing the university. >> reporter: the university of louisville is one of the most successful college basketball programs in the country. they won a national championship in 2013, but now the program has a dark cloud hanging over it. in a new book called "breaking cardinal rules: basketball and the escort queen," katina powell
8:54 am
gave the sordid details of more than 20 different recruiting parties that took place between 2010 and 2014. on espn's "out the lines," powell said former louisville graduate assistant coach andre mcgee would pay her to bring strippers to the parties, and in some cases, the dancers, including powell's own daughters, would have sex with the recruits. >> he would start the music and usually the girls would come out one by one. and they would dance for the recruit and he asked me, is there any girls that want to, you know, make extra money? pretty much a side deal with the players? and i was like, i'll ask. so i asked the girls, you know, anybody want to make extra money? and their eyes just lit up like, well, yeah. >> powell said she would even have sex with the recruit's parents and guardians in order to get the players to sign with the school. in our "outside the lines," she said it's hard to believe that pitino didn't know what was going on. >> four years, a boat load of recruits, a bet load of dancers, loud music, alcohol, security,
8:55 am
cameras, basketball players who came in at will. you've got players that are so loyal to pitino, who wouldn't go back and be like, hey, you know, we got dancers and sex and all that going on. my thing is, how could he not know? >> reporter: at louisville's tip-off luncheon, coach pitino said he knew nothing about the allegations, but he would get to the bottom of it. >> if there was any wrong doing, it's a big if, and people have to pay for their crimes, and that's an if. i hope those ifs are not true. >> reporter: pitino has since said he has no plans to step down. in a public letter to fans, he said, quote, i will not resign and let you down. some day i will walk away in celebration of many memorable years, but that time is not now. while the allegations s at louisville are shocking, former blue chip recruit jalen rose who ended up signing with michigan said this kind of activity is not uncommon on recruiting trips
8:56 am
>> what you see at a bachelor or a bachelorette party is what happens on a recruiting visit. and as a 17-year-old kid, first off, if i'm not getting laid, i'm not coming. i'm not signing. >> but how do you -- >> pitino has called for andre mcgee to come out and tell the truth. he has refused to comment on the allegations. the big question remains, if these allegations are true, where was all the money coming from to pay for all of this? >> oh, my -- i'm picking up my jaw off the floor. because i am speechless. >> shocking allegations. >> stunned. >> absolutely shocking. whoa. all right. i only want to say thanks for bringing that to us, but, wow, you enlightened many. andy, very good to see you. glad to see more of you on the weekends. so much more, straight ahead.
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